Saving Money On Books

Saving Money On Books

How To Teach Your Young Homeschooled Children Math

by Felix Soto

Did your children start out in public school and you just weren't thrilled about the education they were receiving? Perhaps you decided even before they started school that you would teach them at home. After all, who knows your children better than you do? And, who loves your children more than you do? When your children are very little you might even want to create your own curriculum. If you aren't a brainiac when it comes to math, don't fret. From using the library a lot to buying math supplies at an educational supply store, here are some ideas on how to teach your young homeschooled children math:

Get to Know Your Library Well -

Get to be friends with the staff at the library. By doing so, you'll establish yourself and your children as patrons who will be in the library often. Ask the librarians to help you find specific books that will help with math.

  • For example, even very simple books like The Three Bears.
  • Stories like The Ten Little Indians help with counting.
  • Think of checking out books that help you learn how to teach math.
  • Consider checking out books that have drawing as their theme.

Shop At Educational Books And Supplies Stores -

Just as it's important to know your library and the library staff well, think about establishing a good relationship with the clerks at a store that sells educational books and educational supplies. When the staff knows that you are homeschooling, they will more than likely reach out to help you succeed. There will probably be so many math supplies at the store that you'll have trouble knowing which ones to buy.

  • Look for books that focus on teaching math with drawing.
  • You'll be amazed at how well children can learn math skills with simple sketches.
  • For example, when you draw ten stick figures, teach the little ones to count from one to ten.
  • Next, draw a line through four of the stick figures and teach the children that 10 minus 4 equals 6.

Get the children involved in drawing for math learning, too. For example, ask them to draw seven houses on one side of a line and then have them draw three houses on the other side of the line. Now ask them to figure out how many houses there are combined. Or, ask them which number is greatest. You get the picture!

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