Saving Money On Books

Saving Money On Books

Do You Want To Give A Sentimental Gift?

by Felix Soto

Are you honoring somebody on his or her birthday? Perhaps your husband, one of your parents or grandparents? Maybe you are celebrating your own anniversary, or maybe you are honoring your parents on their anniversary. No matter what the event is that you are celebrating, if you have decided to give a sentimental gift, that is more than likely one of the sweetest gifts the recipient will ever get, as he or she will probably go down memory lane with it. From creating a shadow box with memorabilia to hosting a memory filled celebration, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a sentimental occasion for somebody that is dear to you.

Create A Shadow Box - Have you ever created a shadow box before? If not, you're in for some fun. Just gathering the items that you will place in the shadow box will probably be a pleasure for you. For instance, if you are honoring your husband, think of asking his parents if they will part with some of his childhood belongings that they have saved, say a tiny toy car or other really small toys, a letter he might have written when he was away at college or on a mission for your church, and assorted pictures.

If you are preparing an anniversary gift, think of gathering things like the wedding invitation from years gone by, pictures from that day and even objects left from the couple's wedding, say a garter belt the bride wore. Anything that you collect can be placed in the shadow box with strong adhesive and will be a keepsake, probably for generations.

Hold A Sentimental Party - Whether it's a large event or an intimate gathering of close friends and family members, think of also going down memory lane with the person or persons you are honoring. Think of showing a video of pictures from years gone by, with music that will bring memories to mind. If you don't want guests to feel like they should bring an elaborate or expensive gift, consider asking them to bring an item that reminds them of the person or persons you are honoring.

For example, one person might bring a stamp in honor of the fact that the recipient is a stamp collector. Another person might bring a movie ticket, representing the recipient's love of movies. Whatever is brought can later be put into a large picture frame to remind the recipient of how much he or she is loved.

For more information on shadow boxes, contact your local art supply store. 


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