Saving Money On Books

Saving Money On Books

Set Up Your Classroom So That It Promotes Learning

by Felix Soto

The manner in which you set your classroom up may have a considerable impact on your student's likelihood to pay attention to lessons and work diligently on classwork that you provide.

Purchase A Dry Erase Board And Desks

If you tend to use a standard chalkboard, streaks and dust may settle on its surface, making it difficult for the children to see what is being presented. Also, the occasional scraping of a piece of chalk along the board's surface may produce a shrieking sound that you and the children are not fond of. Invest in a modern dry erase board and put the ancient chalkboard to rest.

Purchase colorful markers so that lessons stand out when you are displaying various sentences and word groups across the board. Purchase basic desks that contain ample writing space and storage rack that the students can use to store books or writing implements that won't be needed during a specific lesson.

Add Wooden Storage Containers Along The Wall

Your students may tend to bring electronics, toys, and other personal items to school, even if you prohibit them from doing so. Wooden storage containers with lids can be used to hold such items, and you can label the outside of each one so that they all contain a specific student's name.

When your students arrive for the day, check to see what they have brought along with them. If they have any personal belongings which could be disruptive, instruct them to place the items inside of the corresponding storage containers for the time being. Prior to heading home, inform the children that they may retrieve their items from their containers.

Create A Study Area

If you tutor students after hours or if some of your students like to complete their homework at the end of the day, a study area will provide them with privacy and a quiet spot that will help them maintain their focus. Pick a spot toward the back of your classroom. Purchase a partition wallboard and a few desks for the study area.

Install a bookcase and add reading materials to the case that are reflective of some of the lessons that you have recently taught your class as a whole.

Prepare a sign-up sheet and tell your students that they need to write their name on the sheet if their parents provided them with permission to stay after school. The sign-up sheet will alert you to how many are staying and will prevent you from having too many students in the study area at one time. For more information, contact your local classroom furniture store. 


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Saving Money On Books

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